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Bogart Salon
1063 Wisconsin Avenue NW
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Joann has devoted much of her professional energy to the pursuit of excellence through constant continuing education. As a member of the International Hair Color Exchange Joann is an expert colorist that can create soft, subtle enhancing highlights, turn out a beautiful blond color with depth and variation, rejuvenate graying hair using strategically placed lowlights and a non damaging ammonia-free glaze. Correction an existing color problem is one of Joann's most satisfying challenges.

By conducting a thorough and insightful consultation before every service, Joanne is able to create flattering, wearable hairstyles for her clients

Joann is as adept with a pair of scissors as she is with a tint brush. So deep is her understanding of hair that she cuts almost intuitively getting her direction from the depths of her creative spirit. The beautiful shapes she creates come to life as the hair is dried and finished.

Joann has dedicated her career to the relentless pursuit of excellence. Beginning every service with an in-depth and insightful consultation, Joann creates polished, flattering, and wearable hairstyles for her clients.

As a member of The International Hair Color Exchange, Joann is an expert colorist who can create soft, subtle highlights, artfully blend gray, or correct a challenging color problem. By participating in continuing education programs in color as well as cutting, Joann has remained passionate about her work throughout her career.

1063 Wisconsin Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20007
(202) 333-6550

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